Doghouse Review


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Going into the Doghouse:

In preparation for Halloween, my wife and I decided to put some horror movies into our Netflix queue. I knew that some of them would be corny, in fact I was counting on it. Doghouse was one of those.


Going through a divorce, a man and his friends take a vacation to a small town where they find zombified women who crave the flesh of men.


Getting into this movie was a little rough for me. I knew it was supposed to be a sausage-fest like the Hangover with an all male cast, but every one of the main cast’s girlfriends and wives screamed at them the entire time they were on-screen. The way they tried to shove the “bitchy girlfriend” trope in your face was eye-roll inducing. But alas, I told myself not to get hung up on it and pushed on.

After an unnecessary bar scene, they find themselves in the small town of Moodley, a town of mostly women, and almost immediately the zombie-women begin assaulting them. Much of the action and the suspense seems inspired of Shaun of the Dead and the oblivious main characters walking past fences with bloody hand prints is always amusing. The movie definitely got some things right in this department. There were many scenes that were genuinely funny and the make up and special effects were done very well. The music also aided the movie very well without being too distracting.

However, my main complaints with the movie had to do with some of the other more problematic incidences, in addition the aforementioned “bitchy girlfriend” trope. I mean, the whole movie is about guys killing women. Yes, they’re zombies, but the virus only affects women. The movie comes off as an awful male fantasy about getting rid of the women who tried to tame them.

Things like a homosexual man calling his friends gay for being afraid of the zombies and a large woman jumping on top of a person for comedic relief are also some of the things that come to mind. Another one of their “jokes” finds one of the main leads landing in a bed surrounded by half-naked zombies who then fight over him. As he leaves the room, he pokes his head back through the door to tell them to call him. The jokes come off as stale and rely on overdone tropes far too much.

The idea of women domesticating men actually turns out to be the entire point of the movie when lead has this revelation towards the end and decides to just kill all the zombie women around him. It ends with no character growth or development. Just blaming women for trying to house train them. The only guy in the group who actually dies is the only one of them who shows any respect for women.

My Rating:

2 out of 5 stars: This would’ve gotten a one but the fact that there were some scenes that were very amusing and the special effects were stellar somewhat saved this otherwise awful movie.


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