How Heroclix Helped My Social Anxiety


I don’t care to advertize it much on the internet, but I have a pretty bad case of social anxiety, which makes going out and doing things where you’d meet and talk to people pretty difficult.

I have gone to a couple of extremely small cons (though I’ve only gone with people who are the only people I talk to most 99% of the time) and even met a guy at VidCon a couple of years back who I still am friends with. So, on the outside it may look like people and crowds aren’t a problem but actually going up to and introducing myself and start conversing with a brand new person who I know nothing about is and always has been very difficult.

Of course, once I get to know you and if we share common interests (see: nerd stuff) I tend to be able to let my guard down and my anxiety will fade away (a bit).

Needless to say, going to a tabletop gaming tournament was never something I thought I would do as that most certainly involved going somewhere and meeting new people (ew). But Sunday before last, I manged to get myself and my wife (who is probably even worse off social anxiety wise than I am) to go to one of the local comic book shops and play in their Heroclix tournament that they have every Sunday.

If you don’t know, Heroclix is a miniature collectible tabletop game featuring (mainly) superheroes from DC and Marvel. It’s a really fun game and not nearly as complicated as it looks (certainly not as much as other tabletops like DnD).

Well, that Sunday we took part and while both my wife and though I got crushed by almost everyone we played, we found that we had a crazy amount of fun. Most of the people we met were super nice and supportive and were super helpful with any of the little problems we had.

My wife actually won the Fellowship (the popularity vote, basically) and won an awesome Ms Marvel character. The guy running it even gave us a few spare Clix he had lying around and two of these things called Resources, which are different items you can add to your team to really change up things and give you an edge.

Then, this Sunday we decided to go again and had even more fun. We both won two rounds, Kristin then came in third place and won Fellowship AGAIN. This time she won a Mandarin Power Plant, which is a different type of resource compatible with these collectible rings found in a new Iron Man set that was only able to get by winning a tournament.

All in all, I’m super glad I went. Not only did I become a (even if slightly) better player, putting myself out there definitely helped take a step in the right direction as far as my social anxiety is concerned.


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