Spencer Smythe Featured in Lastest “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” Promo

With The Amazing Spider-Man 2‘s trailer reveal coming out tomorrow, the official ‘Daily Bugle’ tumblr page has released another promo piece, this time in the form of a faux interview with Spencer Smythe.



Spencer Smythe, father of Alistair Smythe, is known in the comics for his expertise on arachnids and robotics (an odd combination), eventually creating what would become known as Spider-Slayers, robots intended to track Spider-Man and capture him.

Below is the “interview” taken from the Daily Bugle site:

DB: Can you summarize your recent work in one word?

Smythe: Mobility.

DB: Elaborate, please.

Smythe: If you wanted an elaborate answer, why did you ask for a single word?

DB: Tell me something no one else knows about your research.

Smythe: We have made significant breakthroughs in the field of manned flight technology, fluidity of movement, speed and dexterity evinced by our larger robotic devices.

DB: Hardware or software?

Smythe: Both. One feeds the other. Better machines with enhanced artificial intelligence networks making informed, logical choices at greater speeds. Better bodies and better brains.

DB: And how do you see this being commercially applied?

Smythe (laughing): I don’t do marketing. Engineering innovation doesn’t result from a focus on revenue.

DB: There are rumors the NYPD is interested.

Smythe: Well, if you want to catch the right fly, you have to spin the right web.

DB: Very clever. One last thing, how is it working with your son?

Smythe: Alistair is a brilliant young engineer and I’m thrilled to see his career develop. I’d better watch my back or he’ll have my job before too long!

DB: Domo arigato.

Now, this definitely seems like it is alluding to either the Rhino (who, in the newly released banner for the film looks like a giant robot) being attached to OsCorp through Smythe and his robotics, or setting up the Spider-Slayers for some time in the future of TASM franchise.

The interview also includes a bit about Alistair, who later becomes the Ultimate Spider-Slayer, donning a robotic suit and continuing in his father’s footsteps on his mission to take down Spidey, which could be something else they’re setting up for our webhead down the road.


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