Watch New “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” Trailer Here!

Check out the new “The Amazing-Spiderman 2” trailer below!

Wow! I absolutely cannot wait for this!

We finally find out that the Goblin will be making a bigger role along with Rhino and Electro going full force as well. However, this makes my thoughts turn to Gwen Stacey’s character and her fate (is it really a spoiler if it happened in 1973?)

While the CGI does look a little video gamey at times, they still have a little while to fix up some things. Other than that, however, everyone looks really nice, especially Electro who looks bad ass in that last fight scene.

And while I am upset the Goblin doesn’t have the famous rubber mask, I just have to tell myself it probably wouldn’t have been a good fit in this universe anyways.


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