“The Lego Movie” Movie Review


Review: The Lego Movie/ Rating: PG / Director: Chris Miller & Phil Lord/ Screenplay: Dan Hageman, Kevin Hageman, Chris Miller, & Phil Lord / Starring: Will Arnett, Elizabeth Banks, Chris Pratt, Will Ferrell, & Alison Brie/ Release Date: 7 Feb 14 (US)

Synopsis: The Lego Movie is a 3D animated film that follows Emmet, a too-ordinary character, who is mistaken as a “Master Builder” and the one who will save the universe. Emmet and co. must stop the evil Lord Business before he unleashes the “Kragle” and super glues the universe together.

Quick Thoughts: The Lego Movie was a movie I had wanted to see since I first saw the trailer last year. One, because of my childhood love of LEGOs, and two, because it looked absolutely hilarious and I am certainly glad I went to see it last Saturday.

It’s needless to say I was a little hesitant about the movie when I walked into the theater and noticed that there weren’t very many adults without children, and while it is definitely marketed as a children’s movie (mostly as it’s an animated film), the movie most certainly not kids-only. In fact, several of the jokes are intentionally for adults and would likely go over many children’s heads (though this is not to say it’s not child-appropriate). But enough with the insecurity about seeing a kid’s movie, lets move on to the actual review.

The Good: The Lego Movie definitely did a lot of things right. The voice acting was absolutely fantastic (a favorite of mine being Will Arnett as Batman) but by far the best thing about the movie was the animation. A mix of stop motion and CGI, the entire movie is meant to look like LEGOs. From the buildings and other surfaces to the effects like water and smoke are all made of LEGOs, unlike the straight-to-DVD movies and the video games. Even the way the characters move is “LEGO-like”.

The movie was also extremely hilarious all the way through. Delving into the many properties LEGO has used was extremely entertaining. The council where Emmet spoke to the other “Master Builders” was probably one of the best part, in terms of having their properties interact to make some very funny moments.

The Bad: As objective as I try to stay with movies in terms of critiquing them, I honestly didn’t find much wrong with the movie. A few parts got a bit slow here and there, and a couple of moments made the movie slightly difficult to follow, but all in all, the movie had no apparent “flaws”.

My Rating: 4


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